Wonderous Beats – Wonder Thunder

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What is Regular License with us?

A regular license is by any means that you are allowed to play your track for what we have stated it.

You aren’t allowed to play it on Youtube, that license costs the double of one single regular license permit.

We will have certain YouTube rights that will impose wrong on your tracks if they are uploaded there, and your income will become less as we go through all our copyright rights.

Regular License is:
Untagged MP3
Sell up to 3,000 units cold copies CD
Non-Exclusive Rights
Instant Delivery
Play unlimited SoundCloud & AudioMack
Play unlimited hosting and sharing non-commercial
You are already at joining in and buying your license already forming an absolute validity to your order. That means you are not signing any papers, just following our Terms of Service.
When your units extend to 6000 units sold as copies, you are obliged to pay a new license to us as how much you’ve earned. That’s a new license you might need to pay for by ordering the new regular license permit.