Wonderous Beats – Wonder Thunder

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What is Extended License?

Extended license for especially YouTube grants you more permissions to use it.
This extension adds your income on ADS for YouTube. We will approve all tracks that have been informed to us by our support ticket. These tracks then give you the right to play for up to 200.000 ADS plays, if your income is less than 50$ we will extend the interest of a new deal upon allowing your track to stay ahead. Thus this is only by matters of that YouTube plays are with an income of ADS. Individual artists do not draw profit from YouTube, at that moment we will encourage to add ADS and as well pay us the new license each time you hit 200.000+ plays.
Youtube License
Untagged MP3
Sell up to 12,000 units cold copies CD
Non-Exclusive Rights
Keep 100% Royalties
Instant Delivery
Play up to 200.000 Youtube your ADS