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Sell up to 3,000 units
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Play up to 100.000 Youtube
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Sell up to 12,000 units
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Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

What are leased beats?

You don't own them, but you own the rights to release them through youtube. And hold rights to publish them as described by the payment you make. You don't need contract as that is with the payment you make.

What file formats do you offer?

Mp3 320kbps as downloadable. The preview on this site is 192kbps tagged.

How much are custom beats?

Custom beats are at a price of 50$ and we make different custom beats, send us a contact formular through the page at end of page.

Do you offer music services?

We offer free mastering for your vocals with the beat. Send use message and we will help you.

About Us

Our music, beats and instrumentals that we produce have been progressed with our own standards inside the music industry. The quality is above most anything you might have heard from other producers. We actually don't allow any bad sound to resist on any kind of speaker, that is done specifically through process where the image of the tracks have quite spectacular views on the wave, and are resembled by the most popular main stream quality. The clue to our business is the minimal touch on mostly any beat, making them also quite less noisy on the background areas of available frequencies of sounds where there is a possibility as a musician to put own simple samples on top of the recording, or just merge vocals with our beats. This is to achieve the broad customers as well as they are satisfied with the most of our beats where the importance is to please the listener. Of course the quality and content is known as to our brand name that we have brought on this page with beats by a group of few artists, to assemble the same quality together as represented in our beats.

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